Dog Training


Pro-Trainer, Neal Kauder, directs private lessons and group training sessions at Orapax. His training methods are heavily influenced by Rick Smith's (Silent Command System, seen below. Our system also mixes in other proven  training techniques we have witnessed over time. 


Private Dog Training

Call 804-514-1576 for information and pricing for one-on-one training for any pointing, flushing, or versatile breed dogs. We also offer all breed manners and obedience, correcting problem behaviors, special home visits, and puppy development and environmental soundness training.  Rates vary, and training is by appointment only with the handler usually involved in each training session. Residential training of dogs are taken on occasion, on a case by case basis.

Dog Training Group Courses

Call 804-514-1576 for information on group training taking place Sunday afternoons. Course are open to companion dogs as well as gun dogs for all breeds and all ages 8 weeks and up.  Puppy development through advanced steadiness is covered in different class levels for pointers, flushers, and retrievers.  Training methods for manners and obedience and puppy development are proven for ALL breeds of dogs. Class size is limited; three classes will run during 2021 (up from two classes that typically run) including Foundation, Intermediate, & Handler.  Cost is usually $30 per dog, for a 1 hour class.  More detailed information is in the adjacent flyer.

Dog Training Membership

Our Dog Training Membership gives you, your family, and your bird dog a place to recreate and train at a significant discount compared to regular $65 pay-as-you-go fees. Members receive a discount on quail for training. The cost is $125 per month (you pay by the month, for as many months as you choose).  

With membership, you will enjoy access to the preserve property to run your dogs through the fields and woods (unlimited during off-season, limited but sufficient field access during the hunt season).  To cool down, there are 2 large and easily accessible ponds spread out on the property, as well as Licking Hole Creek, all of which can be accessed to work on water retrieve or to just acclimate your pup to water.  You will also have access to our 16 ft. shaded training table for puppy, obedience, and fetch training.

Dog boarding is available at our on-site kennel for a discounted price of $20 per dog, per night for members (normally $30 per night).

One member described the dog training membership as “entry into a huge private outdoor club”, a perfect description!

Access to Homing Pigeons

Pigeons (5 are provided by staff in a box) and training areas are available year-round: $65 for up to 2 hour access.  Call office to book this offering.

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* Additional guidelines include signing paperwork, following rules about guests and other dogs, and notice and limitations of use.