2021-22 Hunting Season 

804.556.2261 for reservations 
Our 2021-2022 season runs from September 1 through April 30th (temperature permitting), seven days a week; we are closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Morning hunts begin at 9:00 a.m., afternoon hunts 1:30 p.m.

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  • Payment is cash or check; may use PayPal or Credit Card (3.5% bank service charge will be added)

  • 10 hunts prepaid:  Quail=$1,400; Chukar=$1,500; Pheasant=$1,500.

  • No maximum & no bag limit. No charge for children under 15, guardian or parent must be present.

  • We are happy to stock additional birds for your hunt: Quail=$11 each, Chukar=$21 each, Pheasants=$31 each.

  • Bird cleaning/breasted: $3 Quail, $4 Chukar & Pheasant.

  • You are welcome to use your own dogs. For those who need them, we provide excellent dogs and guides. Guide fee: $80 for 1 person hunts, $140 for 2 persons, $160 for 3 persons,  $180 for 4 person hunts (guides are by reservation only). Our guides are all experienced dog handlers and bird hunters, and many train dogs and routinely compete in national field trials and exhibitions. 

  • You must have a valid Virginia Hunting License, available at www.huntfishva.com and wear blaze orange.

Upland Hunting




4 Pheasant per HUNTER

















NEW!  Choose one of these popular combination excursions that provide the excitement and added thrill of flushing multi-species:

  • Small Combo Hunt - 2 person, 20 quail/4 chukar/3 pheasant = $467

  • Medium Combo Hunt - 3 person, 30 quail/6 chukar/4 pheasant = $650

  • Large Combo Hunt - 4 person, 40 quail/8 chukar/6 pheasant = $864

Duck Shoot - Tower Mallard Release
  • 20 Ducks = $625

  • 30 Ducks = $825

  • 40 Ducks = $1,050

  • 50 Ducks = $1,300

this offering currently sold out
  • No maximum & no bag limit.

  • Cleaning, $4 per duck.

  • You are welcome to use your own dogs. For those who need them, we will provide an excellent guide for $100 per party, gratuity not included (by reservation only). Gratuity is custumarily paid per gun, and helps defray costs for transportation and gas, and for feeding, vetting, and training guide dogs. 

  • You must have a valid Virginia Hunting License www.huntfishva.com, and appropriate state and federal migratory duck stamps.

  • Children under 12 do not need licenses or stamps. 

  • Steel shot required. 

Pheasant Ring Shoots

Ring Shoots, sometimes called European or Continental Shoots, are hunts where pheasants are driven towards the shooters, who then try to shoot them as they fly overhead. Here's how they work.

Our Release Pad is in the center of a 70 acre cleared field. Around the Pad is a Ring of 10 Shooting Stations. Each station can accommodate 2 shooters for a maximum of 20. The minimum number of shooters is 10. The total number of pheasants released is 15 per shooter, but more can be arranged. Pheasants are released one or sometimes two at a time. After one tenth of the birds are released, shooters change stands so every shooter visits each stand. Retrievers outside the Ring collect the bag.  After lunch, shooters are invited on an optional "Mop-Up", where participants hunt over pointing breeds for birds that escaped the ring.  A $20 guide fee per person is charged; it is not uncommon to bag another 10-20 pheasant on this added excursion. 

Ring Shoots can be scheduled on any day of the week, including Sundays. Lunch is included and is served before or after the Ring shoot.  Ring shoots make for truly memorable corporate outings and fundraising events.

Each Retriever will get a pheasant to take home. After that, the bag will be divided evenly among the shooters. The cost is $400 per shooter, breasting of pheasants is $4.00 per bird.

These events provide hours of fun and are a great experience for friends and families, business associates, or any other group of hunters. Shooters experience memorable fellowship and lots of shooting! Most gunners will use 3-4 boxes of shells. Released pheasants present a formidable challenge, and many will escape the Ring.  For the cost of a trip to South Dakota (where the limit is 3) you can enjoy a Ring Shoot 4 or 5 times. There is no bag limit at Orapax!  In addition, special arrangements can be made to add Chukar to any ring shoot, call to inquire about this added opportunity.

Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. As always, we will do our best to accommodate your

special requests.

​Cancellation and "No Show" Policy:  You MUST call our office (804-556-2261) at least 2 hours prior to your hunt start time if you cancel, or you will be charged 75% of your total hunt fee, plus 100% of your guide fee if you reserved a dog/handler.  This policy will be enforced without exception, and you must pay the fee by cash or check upon receipt of invoice.